Monday, June 15, 2009

We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore

Kigali, Rwanda
May 10th, 2009

We arrived in Rwanda a bit unsure of what to expect. The country’s international reputation is shadowed by the events of 1994. What we weren’t expecting was the modernization of the capital. We’re talking traffic lights, working traffic lights. We’re talking motorcycle taxis where the drivers wear helmets (!) and there is a spare helmet for the passenger. We’re talking coffee, proper café latte coffee with croissants! And dairy products- not just Blue Band solid vegetable oil (which apparently even flies avoid) but butter, sweet salted butter with fresh baguettes! And did I mention high-speed internet. Needless to say Karel and I were extremely comfortable and loved our stay. We quickly became locals at our favourite spots (bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, internet café, and forex). In addition to these comforts, the beauty of the city comes from its multiculturalism. Locals outnumber foreigners in atypical or non-traditional African activities, if I can call it that. Rwandans love going out and having espressos, eating at posh coffee shops and surfing the net. It was fantastic to be a minority when enjoying these things.

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